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Dial-Up and ISDN

Feature LiteLite+ Unlimited
Monthly $9.95 $12.00 $20.00
Quarterly $29.85 $36.00 $60.00
Annually $119.40 $144.00 $216.00
Set-up Fee None! None! None!
Access Time 400 Hours 400 Hours Unlimited
Accelerator $2.95 Included Included
Tech Support Free Free Free
E-mail Accounts 1 3 3
E-mail Virus Scan Free Free Free
E-mail Spam Block Free Free Free
Nationwide Access Optional Optional Optional

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Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy
All accounts are subject to our Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy. We encourage all customers to read them.

56kbps or ISDN
All of our modems support speeds up to 56kbps and ISDN 64kbps. We monitor our lines and equipment continuously.

No startup fees
There is no startup fee for dial-up or ISDN services.

More than an Accelerator
Our Accelerator does more than speed up your browser. Just look what it can do.

  • Accelerator: You get near broadband speed when browsing or downloading your emails using Dial-up.  For Screaming Internet speed, use Accelerator with your existing Broadband connection.

  • Pop up Blocker: It will block those annoying pop-ups and pop-unders. Ads and pop-ups are blocked in your browser and in many popular applications, such as Kazaa, Morpheus, iMesh, Gator and others.

  • Email Accelerator: Access to your email has never been faster whether you are using a Dial-up or Broadband Connection.

  • Ad Blocker:. It blocks most banner ads. You may select to block any unwanted animations, too. No more flashing.

Nationwide or Local Access
Choose from our Michigan or nationwide networks. Both networks are fast and reliable, so choose the one that works best for you.